13 Phrases to encourage your kids

    All kids need encouragement. They need to know that they are important, loved, and valued – even when they make mistakes. Slowly but surely, the words we say become their inner voice. Sometimes, the most simple phrase can have a powerful impact.

    1. I love you!
    2. You are special.
    3. I’m glad you are in our family!
    4. You worked hard on that!
    5. You made a wise choice!
    6. You are a helpful brother/sister/friend.
    7. I love spending time with you.
    8. I know you can do it!
    9. You are a great listener.
    10. Thank you for your help.
    11. I love hearing about your day.
    12. Your feelings are important to me.
    13. Your words/actions will never change my love for you.

    Source: The Realistic Mama