calm is here

calm serves children and their families prenatally through age 21 in Santa Barbara County, and all services are offered in English, Spanish, or your preferred language.


calm is a safe space with a caring staff.

We welcome referrals through a variety of sources – parents/caregivers, self-referrals, educators, health professionals, government agencies, and community organizations. When you request services, our intake team will get in touch with you to determine together the best way we can help.

Download/print our referral form in English or Spanish.


Our programs

calm provides a balanced, comprehensive, and collaborative continuum of care where treatment is thoughtfully tailored to each client we serve.


calm journeys

Learn about the experiences of children and families who have come to calm.


ACEs are not destiny

Learn how you can build resiliency to fight the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Recognizing and reporting abuse

It takes the whole community to protect our children.

Reporting suspected child abuse or neglect is easy to do and can save a life.

In Santa Barbara County, call the Child Welfare Services hotline at (800) 367-0166 and someone will walk you through making a report. CWS and the police will work together to ensure the child’s safety. Removing a child from their home is always a last resort, and in many cases, families will be given the help they need to keep their child safe in their own home.