Yumi Velazquez

     Yumi Velasquez

    When did you begin working at CALM/ How long have you been at CALM?

    I began working at CALM in September 2015.

    What is your role at CALM?

    I am a IMFT (Marriage and Family Therapist Intern). I provide therapeutic treatment to assist children and teens recover from child abuse, including neglect, domestic violence exposure, sexual abuse, and/or community violence. I also provide individual and group treatment to survivors of domestic violence to focus on fostering recovery and resiliency.

    Please share one of your best CALM experiences (a time you felt like you really made a difference).

    I worked with a client we’ll call “Maria”. Maria was referred to treatment as she was manifesting symptoms of depression including suicide ideation, and self-harm behavior. Early on in treatment Maria was hospitalized when she cut her wrists with a razor blade. Maria had an extensive history of trauma, including multiple events of sexual abuse and domestic violence exposure. Despite the severity of Maria’s symptoms she attended sessions weekly, and was very committed to meeting treatment goals. I could see this by Maria’s willingness to openly discuss her trauma. Maria was very artistic, so we often used writing and expressive arts to process some of the significant events she experienced. Often, I found myself feeling amazed with her art work as it depicted a mental image of Maria’s self-perception. Throughout treatment and Maria’s dedication during sessions, Maria began to make significant changes and her symptoms of depression decreased significantly. Maria was no longer cutting, in fact, she began to perceive herself of someone who was worthy of love and belonging. Towards the end of treatment, Maria was joyful, enthusiastic about life as she lived with a purpose. Maria’s dream was to rescue abused animals in order to provide a loving, and safe home. I recently learned that Maria is doing well, and now volunteers with animals.

    Finish the sentence, “If I could do one thing to make kids’ lives better, I would….”

    If I could do one thing to make kids’ lives better I would give them the gift of having a loving, secure and nurturing family.

    What is one thing you wish people knew about CALM?

    CALM is an amazing agency who truly is invested and dedicated in helping children, teens, and families recover from trauma. We provide a number of services including early childhood prevention and intervention, parenting and family programs, childhood trauma treatments, and community strengthening collaborations. We also serve many families who typically are undeserved in our community who have no medical insurance. We welcome everyone, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds, culture, race, religion etc.

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