Welcome Every Baby is a free community service for newborns with risk factors and their families who live in Santa Maria and Guadalupe. The program starts with a universal visit by a Registered Nurse from Marian Regional Medical Center, who then can make a referral to one of CALM’s trilingual (English, Spanish and Mixteco) Infant Home Visitors for families who have risk factors and are interested in WEB visits. Many referrals for this program are submitted via Dignity Health, but the program can also accept community and/or self-referrals.  The Infant Home Visitors can make up to five visits in home for infants (newborn to 18 months) to assist with such issues as breastfeeding (all are certified lactation consultants), nutrition, sleep problems, crying and tantrums, and child development issues (with use of ASQ-3 screening tool).

For more information or to request services:

  • Santa Maria (805) 614-9160
CALM prides itself on its commitment to clinical excellence. In addition to the quality of our staff, our very experienced clinical leadership, and our long history of preventing and treating childhood trauma, this commitment is embodied in the training, assessment and evaluation programs we employ in our work. Our clinicians used evidence based treatment, interventions that have been tested and are proven to work.