CALM provides family treatment for young children from birth through age 7 to foster optimal social-emotional development and recovery from abuse or neglect. The children referred often have a history of trauma, behavioral challenges and/or disruptions in family life. Some are in foster care, and the parents may have substance abuse or mental health difficulties of their own. This program focuses on the child’s treatment and recovery through dyadic interventions, play therapy and supportive interactions between parent and/or caregiver and child.

Evidence Based Treatments used:

  • Child Parent Psychotherapy
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy
  • Play Therapy

For more information or to request services:

  • Santa Barbara (805) 965-2376
  • Santa Maria (805) 614-9160
CALM prides itself on its commitment to clinical excellence. In addition to the quality of our staff, our very experienced clinical leadership, and our long history of preventing and treating childhood trauma, this commitment is embodied in the training, assessment and evaluation programs we employ in our work. Our clinicians used evidence based treatment, interventions that have been tested and are proven to work.