Proyecto/Project HÉROES is a community collaborative designed to capitalize on the variety of experiences and perspectives of community-based agencies, community members and other key stakeholders.  HÉROES in Spanish stands for Honor, Educación, Respeto, Oportunidad, Esperanza, y Soluciones (Honor, Education, Respect, Opportunity, Hope, and Solutions).  The Collaborative, comprised of numerous community-based organizations has the potential to make an impact as an institutional resource, as well as an information resource. Along with our partners, CALM uses this community knowledge to inform and guide research agendas focused on reducing health disparities around Latino youth violence exposure. This work is specifically designed to build upon community strengths and existing resources in order to increase engagement and participation, facilitate the reciprocal exchange of knowledge and understanding, and ultimately, empower community members to engage in social change that improves their lives.

CALM prides itself on its commitment to clinical excellence. In addition to the quality of our staff, our very experienced clinical leadership, and our long history of preventing and treating childhood trauma, this commitment is embodied in the training, assessment and evaluation programs we employ in our work. Our clinicians used evidence based treatment, interventions that have been tested and are proven to work.