In Santa Barbara County, we estimate that last year 18,000 children were exposed to violence in the home. The impact on schools, school readiness, health and the economy of untreated trauma in children is astronomical.  CALM serves approximately 2,000 individuals through direct service, but thousands more could be helped by supporting and training others.

CALM works in partnership with several pre-schools to empower caregivers to recognize and support traumatized children.  By “embedding” consultants in pre-schools and other community agencies, CALM is strengthening the capacity of staff, families, programs, and systems to promote positive social and emotional development as well as prevent, identify and reduce the impact of mental health problems among children from birth to 5 years old and their families. Through this pioneering approach, CALM is able to make a huge difference in the lives of many more children and their families.

Schools receiving support from CALM in the preschool setting:

  • Storyteller Children’s Center
  • Santa Barbara Unified School District (4 schools)
  • St. Marks Preschool
  • Isla Vista Youth Projects
  • Cottage Health System
  • UCSB Children’s Center
CALM prides itself on its commitment to clinical excellence. In addition to the quality of our staff, our very experienced clinical leadership, and our long history of preventing and treating childhood trauma, this commitment is embodied in the training, assessment and evaluation programs we employ in our work. Our clinicians used evidence based treatment, interventions that have been tested and are proven to work.