All programs are offered in English and Spanish on a sliding fee scale. No one is turned away for inability to pay. Clinical hours include weekdays and evenings.

Great Beginnings: Early Childhood Prevention & Intervention

Imagine a world where all parents are supported, nurtured and helped to become the best parents they can be. CALM’s Great Beginnings program serves families and caregivers with children aged 0 – 5 who are most at risk for abuse and neglect, with services aimed toward prevention and early intervention. Trained CALM professionals meet with at-risk parents of young children, even before babies are born. We help parents form strong, healthy attachments with their children, identify sources of support, and learn healthy parenting strategies. Our home visitors assess homes for safety, evaluate children’s development and connect families to resources they need. If there is a developmental delay, it can be addressed and treated early. If a mother is experiencing postpartum depression, she can receive therapeutic support.

Parenting & Family Programs

Every child comes to CALM attached to an adult. We know we must work to strengthen and support and the entire family to heal a child and to prevent abuse. The primary purpose of CALM's parenting and family programs is to build strong families characterized by safe, consistent, nurturing, and supportive relationships between caregivers and children. Program services focus on increasing parental social support, reducing stress, and increasing the use positive parenting practices.

Childhood Trauma Treatment

Every child who has been abused believes one thing: it was their fault. Abuse can be the root cause of many inappropriate behaviors that helped the child adapt or respond to their abuse. At CALM, we know that a child must tell his or her story so that the healing can begin. CALM counselors support the non-offending parent in correcting the child’s misperceptions, that they caused the abuse, that they were responsible. After the story is told, healing can begin. CALM’s CARE program helps children of all ages and their families who have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, violence in their home, or neglect.

Whatever It Takes: Intensive Family Services

CALM’s “Whatever It Takes” (WIT) team provides intensive therapeutic interventions to children and families across all of Santa Barbara County. WIT clients have the highest level of need for mental health interventions because of their histories of abuse, trauma and neglect, severe emotional disturbance or mental illness. Many of these clients lack the emotional or family resources to attend in-office therapy. The WIT team therefore meets with clients and families in their homes or in the community. CALM therapists support and advocate for them as needed in their schools, with probation, Child Welfare Services and with other community systems in which they are involved. All WIT programs are served by referrals from the Department of Behavioral Wellness or the Department of Social Services. WIT Programs are provided throughout the County.

Community Strengthening Collaborations

CALM is striving to create a community where teachers, parents and children work together to provide the strongest possible start for children in our community, thereby reducing the strain that child abuse puts on our schools, our healthcare system, and our community. Much of child abuse and neglect is identified through children’s behavior in school and other out of home settings. We know that only a fraction of children who experience abuse receive individual treatment. CALM is committed to doing more for all of the children in our community. WE are reaching beyond the walls of our building, beyond the homes of our clients to create the social change necessary to support and strengthen even the families who do not receive direct service.

Therefore, CALM partners with many other organizations to support them in their work with children. Our partnerships include schools, law enforcement, family resource centers and even health care. By engaging with all organizations and systems that work with youth, CALM can help strengthen our community, all of our caregivers, and make lasting changes.

CALM prides itself on its commitment to clinical excellence. In addition to the quality of our staff, our very experienced clinical leadership, and our long history of preventing and treating childhood trauma, this commitment is embodied in the training, assessment and evaluation programs we employ in our work. Our clinicians used evidence based treatment, interventions that have been tested and are proven to work.