For 50 years, CALM has been preventing childhood trauma, healing children and families and building resilient communities; we invite you to support our urgent work and help propel CALM forward as we respond to community need like never before.

    Ways to Help:

    Why does CALM Need my Support?:

    This is a defining moment for our community and for CALM. By supporting CALM, you are making sure our trauma experts are:

    • On the front lines providing safety and therapeutic care to children suffering behind closed doors, witnessing violence and experiencing new levels of abuse while isolated from typical community supports.
    • Able to respond with increased levels of support for parents and our partners in education, healthcare and law enforcement as they respond to high levels of complex trauma.
    • Prepared for the ramp up of services that will be required of them for years to come to help rebuild a healthy, resilient community.

    To learn more about ways you can participate with CALM in providing solutions to children and families, contact Michelle Reiter at