From a grandparent of a client:

My granddaughter, “Rosie”, has been seen by Amelia over the past 1-1/2 years through your organization. My husband, Henry, and I have had physical custody of Rosie for the past 2-1/2 years on the joint agreement with her father, our son, and ourselves. Rosie came to us very disturbed, physically combative, with serious behavior problems which her father and his wife could no longer handle as they had other children in the home. She was suspended from kindergarten several times and finally came to live with us with the hopes that the change of environment would help her to feel secure enough to grow and succeed in school and in life.  Rosie was abused, neglected and finally abandoned by her mother in her early years until her father became her lone guardian at just shy of 3 years of age.
Rosie has now, again with Amelia’s help, been transitioned back into her father’s family home.  Even though she has only been there a week, she is happy to be back with her family and is enjoying her new school, teachers and already making friends.  While it has been difficult for my husband and I to release her, we are blessed to know that this is the outcome that was meant for her and that she will continue to get support in her new environment, again because of Amelia’s help.

From a former CALM therapist:

When I came back to CALM in 2010, my first client was a 13 year old VERY angry kid named Jacob. I worked with him and his family for about a year. I got this text from his mom today:

Hi there, it’s been a long time. I wanted to tell u, that u were such a big part of Jake’s turn around. He’s such a different person n he is a success story bc of u. He is going into the Navy in July for boot camp. He is so excited n focused. I would luv if u cud meet w him sometime soon. He still mentions u. Pls let me know

This made me remember why I went I to this field. If we can just change the life of even one kid, that’s something.


CALM has been our home for these last couple of years and I truly feel that if it was not for the services that you have provided I would not be sober today. You guys have given me so much. I have tools today and I can have healthy conversation with my kids. I can’t thank you guys enough and it really sucks that I can’t find another place like CALM. I will miss all the people that helped us they became family. Thank you.

— “Diana”, Mother of Five