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What services do you provide?
Services include individual therapy, home visitation, parenting classes, postpartum support, group therapy and support, and mental health consultation in early education settings.

What are the most common issues you treat?
Domestic violence, neglect, anxiety, and depression…and in many cases, a combination of these. However, every client is unique and each situation involves a custom treatment plan to address goals related to behavior, mental health, and building positive relationships.

How long does a client typically receive services?
The average span of services from intake to graduation is 6-8 months. Progress is measured by treatment goals, and clients do not graduate until they have met treatment goals.

How old are your clients?
We serve clients prenatally through age 21 AND their families (siblings, parents, caregivers, guardians).

What are you doing about mental health inequality?
We hope to overcome systemic barriers and ensure our programs, services and initiatives are accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of our community. Read our Equity Statement here.

How are you financed?
Annually, about two-thirds of our support is received from government funding and one-third of our support is from private contributions.

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are incredibly common and include 10 specific types of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), neglect (physical, emotional), or household challenges (mental illness, domestic violence, incarceration, divorce, substance abuse) experienced before the age of 18. Individuals with four or more ACEs are twice as likely to have a stroke, cancer, or heart disease; and 37 times more likely to attempt suicide. All CALM clients are screened for ACEs.

What does CALM stand for?
CALM stands for children and families.
CALM stands for healing and resilience.
CALM stands for clinical excellence.
CALM stands for creating and fostering meaningful relationships throughout the community.
CALM stands for social change and community impact.
CALM is no longer an acronym. It is a standalone name that perfectly fits our mission and goals: cultivating calm children, calm families, and calm communities.

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