CALM has been a leader in developing a variety of trauma-informed, evidence-based programs and services that effectively prevent and treat child abuse, promote healing, and strengthen families. Services are provided to all in both Spanish and English, at sliding scale or free of charge if needed; no one is turned away due to inability to pay. CALM continues to be the only non-profit in Santa Barbara County that specializes in the prevention and treatment of childhood trauma.

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Our services are divided into four departments:

Great Beginnings: Early Childhood Prevention & Intervention

Imagine a world where all parents are supported to become the best parents they can be. CALM’s Great Beginnings department serves families and caregivers with children prenatally through age nine. Programs under this department, such as Home Visitation, offer a continuum of services including prevention, early intervention, and treatment. Services are delivered in the home, community setting, or in CALM clinics with the goal of supporting caregiver mental health, enhancing healthy attachment, increasing positive parenting practices, and reducing the impact of toxic stress.

Childhood Trauma Treatment

Untreated childhood trauma can have devastating life-long effects that impact a child’s ability to grow and learn, to trust others, to make healthy choices, and to feel worthy. CALM's Childhood Trauma Treatment department focuses on facilitating recovery for children and families that have been exposed to abuse, neglect, or violence within their family or community. Programs provide individual and family treatment to foster children’s resilience and recovery from adverse childhood experiences.

Intensive Family Services

CALM’s Intensive Family Services department provides services to children and families who demonstrate the highest need and require intensive support to achieve stability. Families served have frequently experienced complex trauma, including multigenerational histories of familial trauma, parental histories of substance abuse, and involvement with the criminal justice or child welfare system. All programs are served by referrals directly from the Santa Barbara County’s Department of Social Services or the Department of Behavioral Wellness.

Community Strengthening Collaborations

CALM's Community Strengthening Collaborations department fosters community-wide engagement and resiliency through providing education, prevention, and treatment services to children, families, and community professionals. By embedding services in natural settings where children learn and grow, CALM partners with organizations and systems to increase access to mental health services, overcome stigma, and build trauma-informed communities.