Nicole Levine – Volunteer Spotlight

    Nicole Levine
     Nicole Levine

    Nicole Levine has seen first-hand the positive impact of CALM’s support. When Nicole was 11, her family added two foster daughters to their household. The family grew from two to four children and they soon realized Nicole’s new sisters were in crisis. Her family turned to CALM and, according to Nicole, CALM was instrumental in supporting the entire family throughout the challenging situation. Nicole says, “CALM was the only hero in our story.”

    As Nicole’s 13th birthday and Bat Mitzvah approached she knew she wanted a service project with a deep, personal meaning. Remembering the time she spent at CALM, when she and her family would come so her foster sisters could receive services and her family could learn about supporting those dealing with trauma, Nicole selected CALM. She reached out, and asked how can I help?

    During her visit she toured the therapy rooms, which had previously been remodeled and outfitted nearly 15 years ago. Nicole started a wish list on Amazon with therapy supplies and sent it out to her friends and family. The response was immediate, and the supplies started rolling into to refresh the room. Nicole has even larger plans to bring in new furniture and completely clean out the Amazon list. Nicole says, “I am honored to be part of something greater than myself.” CALM is proud to partner with the next generation of philanthropists like Nicole. If you’d like to donate, click here to shop the Amazon list.

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