How Do Great Parents…Set Limits

    Setting Limits

    (material provided by The Incredible Years, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.)

    • Don’t give unnecessary commands.
    • Give one command at a time.
    • Be realistic in your expectations and use age-appropriate commands.
    • Use “do” commands.
    • Make commands positive and polite.
    • Don’t use “stop” commands.
    • Give children ample opportunity to comply.
    • Give warnings and helpful reminders.
    • Don’t threaten children; use “when-then” commands.
    • Give children options whenever possible.
    • Make commands short and to the point.
    • Support your partner’s commands.
    • Praise compliance or provide consequences for noncompliance.
    • Strike a balance between parent and child control.
    • Encourage problem solving with children.

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