How Do Great Parents… Family Problem Solve

    Family Problem-Solving

    • Schedule a meeting to problem-solve.
    • Focus on one problem at a time.
    • Collaborate, discussing problems mutually.
    • State problem clearly.
    • Express feelings but don’t criticize or blame.
    • Admit role in problem.
    • Be future-oriented.
    • Be brief.
    • State desire behavior.
    • Make “I” statements.

    Stating the Goal

    • Summarize the problem.
    • State the goal in realistic terms.


    • Remain open-don’t judge or criticize suggestions.
    • Encourage imaginative suggestions- as many as possible.
    • Postpone details

    Making Plans

    • Review your list.
    • Evaluate each solution realistically.
    • Write down plan.
    • Praise your efforts.

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