How Do Great Parents…Develop Tangible Rewards

Tangible Rewards

(material provided by The Incredible Years, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.)

  • Define appropriate child behavior clearly.
  • Make the steps small.
  • Gradually increase the challenge.
  • Don’t make programs too complex — choose one or two behaviors to start.
  • Focus on positive behaviors.
  • Choose inexpensive rewards.
  • Have daily rewards.
  • Involve your child in choosing rewards.
  • Get the appropriate behavior first, then reward.
  • Reward everyday achievements.
  • Gradually replace rewards with social approval.
  • Be clear and specific about rewards.
  • Have a varied menu.
  • Show your child you expect success.
  • Don’t mix rewards with punishment.
  • Consistently monitor the reward program.

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