How Do Great Parents … Build Self-Confidence

Building Your Child’s Self Confidence

(material provided by The Incredible Years, Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.)

  • Value and give your full attention to your children’s play activities.
  • Listen to your children — watch for times when your child is open to talking — don’t pressure them to talk if they don’t want to.
  • Reinforce your children’s learning efforts by describing what they are doing.
  • Praise your children’s efforts as well as their successes.
  • Follow your child’s lead when talking with them or playing.
  • Spend regular daily time with your children.
  • When reading
    • Ask open-ended questions;
    • Avoid commands and corrections;
    • Offer help when your child wants it.
  • Create opportunities for children to retell stories that they have memorized.
  • Encourage children to write their own stories or to dictate them to you.
  • Read to children often and allow them to see you reading.
  • Encourage children to make up stories and act them out.

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