How Can You Help Prevent Child Abuse?

  • Teach children their rights. When children are taught they are special and have the right to be safe, they are less likely to think abuse is their fault, and more likely to report an offender.
  • Support prevention programs. Greater investments are needed in programs that have been proven to stop the abuse before it occurs – such as family counseling and home visits for new parents.
  • Know the signs. Unexplained injuries aren’t the only signs of abuse – depression, difficulty trusting others or making friends, sudden changes in eating or sleeping patterns, and hostility are often signs of family problems and may indicate abuse.
  • Report abuse. If you witness a child being harmed or see evidence of abuse, make a report to your state’s child protective services department or local police.
  • Volunteer at CALM. For information about volunteer opportunities, call CALM (805) 965-2376.