Open House

    Family on Beach

    For the first time ever, CALM introduced a weekly Facebook Live Series during the month of April. These virtual open house style videos featured CALM clinicians discussing and walking us through therapy practices and programs that CALM works in every day. Learn more about CALM through these behind-the-scenes videos:

    Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) with Mariana Harms

    Manager of Clinical Training Mariana Harms who will dive into PCIT – a practice used to help children gain social and coping skills. Join Mariana as she provides you with practical tools for managing children’s challenging behaviors.

    Healthy Families with Sherry Robin

    CALM’s Healthy Families group is designed for women who have experienced domestic violence. This presentation will help the viewer understand how abuse can manifest itself in a family, the effects it has on each person in the family, and tools for keeping safe.

    Helping Children Connect During a Pandemic

    Join Tarah Connolly as she presents a video from School-Based Therapist Megan Kooyman on tips for helping children connect during a pandemic.

    Mindfulness Skills for Children and Teens with Amelia Smith and Adolfo Garcia

    CALM Clinicians Amelia and Adolfo share their tips and tricks for making mindfulness a practice in daily life; and practical ways to make it simple for children and teens to engage as well. Breathing exercise included!

    You can also find these videos and share them via CALM’s Facebook Page.