When the “CALM Lady” Visits

    Last June, Ann Bryant, “The CALM Lady,” visited a fourth grade class just before the students got out for summer break. This presentation stood out to Jimmy*, who thought about the presentation for a month before he told his mom that he had been sexually abused by a neighbor.

    Investigators later found not only that Jimmy’s younger siblings were also being abused, but that other kids in the neighborhood were as well. Because Jimmy spoke up about his experience, he saved dozens of other kids in his neighborhood. When asked why he decided to speak up, Jimmy responded “Because the CALM lady came to my school.”

    Students at local elementary schools know her as the “CALM Lady.” But her real name is Ann, and she is CALM’s Prevention and Parenting Coordinator. Ann’s presentations on child abuse prevention to elementary schools and pre-schools in Santa Barbara County provide much needed education and awareness to students and teachers alike. To arrange for Ann to speak at your school, contact CALM at (805) 965-2376.