Carpinteria Father Project Group

    Fathers matter.  CALM launched a Father Project in Carpinteria.  The curriculum included teaching men how to play with their children, how to support their spouses and how important they are as fathers.  Here are some things the participants had to say about their experience.

     “ I learned a lot in the group. I know how important I am in my children’s life and how a few simple steps that I can take will last a lifetime.”

    “ I enjoyed the group and learn how to play with my child and how to better discipline and communicate with my wife. I enjoyed learning from the other participants, how our own upbringing has to do a lot with how we raised our children.”

    “ I was afraid that my son will be crying for his mother in the week that mothers came to group and that he will be asking to go back with her. I was very surprised that a simple balloon game will keep him happy having lots of fun and not once he asked for Mom”. “I will be playing simple games with them like the balloon and taking them to the park.”

    “My older son (19) was incarcerated and deported. I know that I was not a father for him I was busy working and drinking on the weekends. I know that I fail to him but I have a chance to be a father to my other three children. I know that my youngest is going to have a very different future because we are going to be there for him.  I want to keep learning and participating in different programs also I want to help other fathers not do the same mistakes I did.”

    “ I know how to be a better parent now I can’t express with words all that I learned in the program, I did not participate as I wanted because of my job but I would like to continue to participate any way possible.”