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Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

It takes the whole community to protect our children. If you work in your professional capacity with children, it is your legal obligation to report.

Raise Your Voice 

Get Involved. Be an advocate. Raise your voice.

I Will Not Be Silent

Your voice makes a difference. Join CALM as we work to create a world where adults speak up and child abuse no longer exists.

Take action and sign our pledge.

 2012 Celebrity Authors’ Luncheon

Lois Capps: CALM and Child Abuse Prevention Month

Congresswoman Lois Capps lends her support to CALM, and emphasizes the need for the prevention of child abuse through education and early interventions.

Growing Stronger

View one family’s healing with help from CALM and our dedicated staff.

Better Days

CALM’s vision is a world where child abuse no longer exists. Until then, our treatment services help provide happier, healthier lives for those suffering from the devastation of child abuse.

Claire Miles

Over 40 years, CALM grew from one black phone in the living room to an agency staffed by dozens, impacting thousands of children in Santa Barbara County each year.