Protect children now and impact future generations

Your annual gift(s) to CALM totaling $1,000 or more toward our area of greatest need will have a profound impact on our sustained ability to protect the most important relationship in the world. Join the CALM Impact Circle with a gift today.


$25,000+ Champion
$15,000+ Ambassador
$10,000+ Protector
$5,000+ Advocate
$2,500+ Partner
$1,000+ Friend

Your gift will impact CALM’s ability to:

  • Identify and alleviate childhood adversity
  • Stop the cycle of trauma in families
  • Build supportive social-emotional learning communities
  • Provide trauma-informed educational opportunities
  • Create systems change


  • Recognition in Annual Report*
  • Special invitations to CALM learning opportunities
  • Annual CALM token of appreciation

* For donors who prefer to be anonymous, we value your privacy and will not include your name in public listings.