Our Impact

At calm, we continuously elevate our clinical impact by evaluating the effectiveness of our programs and making improvements to achieve optimal results.

A year at calm


children and families served


therapy services provided


home visitation services provided


CALM staff obtained licensures, certifications, or promotions


clients served through Intensive Family Services


of children and families learned new coping skills


services provided in partnership with pediatric clinics




calm Journeys

Countless families have come to calm at a desperate time of need, and left feeling hopeful and empowered.

“Mia was struggling to bond with her baby after a difficult premature birth and subsequent stay in the NICU that left her emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. During our home visits, we’ve focused on building upon her strengths, and I’ve seen her confidence in her parenting role grow. More recently, I’ve witnessed an incredibly strong bond between Mia and her baby.”

calm Mental Health Specialist

“When I met 14-year-old Camila, she was quiet and made limited eye contact. She had experienced unimaginable trauma within her home and was having nightmares where she called the police but nobody came to help. During therapy, she learned that her reactions to her trauma were normal, and she began to heal. Now she dreams of becoming an architect and a dancer, and of one day having a family of her own.”

calm Therapist

“Ellie, a five-year-old, suddenly began crying every day at daycare drop off, withdrawing from other children, and having nightmares. When her parents asked her what was wrong, she felt safe enough to share what had happened to her during a family gathering. Her parents immediately filed a report with the police and reached out to calm for help. Through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, we were able to change her belief of ‘no one is safe’ to ‘I can identify safe people.’ Her parents told me that she is now back to going to daycare without fear, having fun with her peers, and no longer having nightmares. They held back tears as they told me, ‘We got our little girl back.’”

calm Therapist

“Our calm consultant is wonderful. She has provided so many helpful strategies for the challenging behaviors I have encountered this year. She has also supported me in my own mental health, which in turn benefits the students.”

Preschool Teacher


Community Partnerships

calm partners with organizations where kids naturally learn and grow to increase access to mental health services, overcome stigma, and build trauma-informed communities. calm services are currently embedded in several pediatric clinics and early childhood education sites.