Welcome from our Board Chair

Every day, our dedicated and talented staff are making a difference in the lives of our clients throughout Santa Barbara County. We are forging new partnerships with schools and medical clinics to expand therapeutic services and provide early intervention with the goal of breaking the cycle of abuse and healing families who have survived trauma. Please join CALM as we protect the most important relationship in the world.




Andrew Fitzgerald
Board Chair

Roberta Collier
Vice Chair of Development

Janis Salin
Vice Chair of Governance

Sam Ellis
Vice Chair of Finance

Luz Reyes-Martín


Jon Clark
Michele Cuttler
Analise Maggio
Candice Monge
Glenn Morris
Caroline Powers
Daalia Refaat
Gisela Rodriguez
Jenna Rogers
Richard Russell
Patrice Ryan
Marc Schneider
Katrina Sprague
Frann Wageneck
Richard Yao
Zohar Ziv

Honorary Trustees

Susan Miles Gulbransen
Anna Kokotovic
Joanne Rapp