Ever since CALM’s founder, Claire Miles, began her vital work to prevent child abuse in Santa Barbara back in 1969, the CALM Auxiliary has played an instrumental role in helping sustain the great legacy of CALM. The Auxiliary raises additional financial support and community awareness through projects and events, allowing the organization to grow and continue to serve the children and families that need it the most.

The CALM Auxiliary has evolved into an incredible group of women, working collectively to continue this support for CALM. Some of the founding members of the Auxiliary remain very active. Today, the Auxiliary hosts several community events, and the CALM Antique Shows, raising financial support for CALM each year to continue the mission Claire Miles set out to achieve over 50 years ago.

Executive Board

Roberta Collier, President
Janis Salin
Diane Dukes
D’Arcy Cornwall
Linda Butterwick
Edie Zelazny

Auxiliary Members

Vicki Ahlgren
Dianne Armitage
Phyllis Cox
Jan Creery
Sharon Curry
Terri Fawcett
Mary Ann Froley
Carolyn Fryer
Sharon Hooper
Janice Ingrum
Karen Merrill
Jane Metiu
Christine Nachman
Marnie Pinsker
Julie Phillips
Charmaine Rogers
Martha Rogers
Margo Smith
Sissy Taran
April Thede
Nancy Van Gelder
DiAnne Voorhees
Claudia Werlin
Marcia Wolfe
Christen Zampese
Edie Zelazny

Honorary Members

Sharon Bifano
Bev Brier
Jeanette Carpenter
Joanie Chackel
Becky Cohn
Darlene Cox
Suzanne Fairly
Julie Freedman
Carolyn Gillio
Terri Gough
Anna Kokotovic, PhD
Dale McCaskey
Doris Medved
Stephanie Ortale
Marlene Perrizo
Blanca Presser
Jane Runyen
Norma Jean Shaw