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Cecilia Rodriguez, Executive Director

Last year we launched one of the most critical public awareness campaigns in CALM’s history.  The I Will Not Be Silent campaign achieved unprecedented community support and widespread recognition among government officials, city leaders, and the community at large.

I am so proud of CALM’s efforts to lead the way in child abuse prevention in Santa Barbara County, and in building a safer and more nurturing community for children and families at risk … but we’ve only just begun. CALM will not be silent for as long as it takes to end child abuse in Santa Barbara County.

The problems facing children in our County are acute.  One in five children are living in poverty, domestic violence reports are growing, and public resources are shrinking.  We are raising our voice about the needs of our children throughout all of Santa Barbara County.  Now more than ever we need support from you – our generous donors, corporate partners, volunteers, and community supporters – so that we may continue to address the critical needs of the growing population that we serve.

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Cecilia Rodriguez, MFT

Executive Director
Cecilia Rodriguez, MFT

Associate Director
Deborah Holmes, LCSW

Director, Center Based Services
Elizabeth Rumelt, LCSW

Director, Psychology & Training
Jessica Adams, PhD

Director, Community-Based Services
Anita Fernandez-Low, LCSW

Regional Manager - North County
Mary Jane Alumbaugh, PhD

Development Director
Lori Lander Goodman, MSW

Chief Financial Officer
Michael Williams, MBA & CPA