In 1969, Claire Miles, a local nurse, learned that an overworked and emotionally stressed father had, in a moment of desperation, shaken his infant son to death. Claire took immediate action, put a phone in her living room, then took out classified ads in the News-Press urging parents in need to call for help. The phone rang almost 40 times that first month. She and her friends took turns answering the calls, with the hope of helping stressed parents before they hurt their children.

Forty years later, that single phone has grown from a small, mostly volunteer organization to a strong agency recognized throughout the state, the nation, and even internationally. The vision of one single woman has become the vision for hundreds – CALM’s professional staff, volunteers, Board of Trustees and Auxiliary members. CALM’s mission has never wavered – to serve and protect the most vulnerable in our community: our children.

CALM continues to be the only non-profit agency in Santa Barbara County whose mission is to prevent, assess, and treat child abuse by providing comprehensive, culturally competent, services for children, families and adults. CALM offers a safe, non-judgmental, caring and strength-based environment to heal and increase family well being. Click here for more information about all of CALM’s programs and services.

Be part of the solution to help CALM prevent Child abuse in Santa Barbara County.