Salvador Vargas

     sal 650

    How long have you been at CALM?

    In March, it will be 2 years since I started working at CALM.

    What is your role at CALM?

    I do a bit of everything!! I am a case manager for SafeCare and Front Porch. I also lead parenting groups in New Cuyama. .

    Please share one of your best CALM experiences (a time you felt like you really made a difference.)

    I had a single mother who expressed her sadness to me because she couldn’t afford toys for Christmas.  She said this would be the first year that she would not be able to celebrate Christmas. I signed her up for Adopt A Family.  She forgot about the presents so when I showed up to her home, she started to cry and thanked everyone involved.

    Finish the sentence. “If I could do one thing to make kids’ lives better, I would….”

    Educate parents so that they understand how important it is to listen to their children.

    What is one thing you wish people knew about CALM?

    Even though the work CALM does is stressful, the environment of the office is laid back and my coworkers are supportive.

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