Board of Trustees

Welcome from the President

Bridget Foreman, Board President

Bridget Foreman
Board President

I am incredibly proud of CALM’s work this year, and I am so excited about our plans for the future. CALM is speaking out about the tremendous need for our services throughout Santa Barbara County, and partnering with other agencies that support families and protect children. I invite you to come visit, and learn more about CALM. Our website is full of resources for parent and teachers. Finally, I invite you to join us in speaking out and speaking up for children.


Board Members

Bridget Foreman
Board President

Dan Moll
Vice President, Administration

Liam Murphy
Vice President, Finance

Caroline Powers

Alana Walczak
Chief Executive Officer

Connie Burns
Auxiliary President


Crystal Bedolla
Carrie Bissell
Nancy Bollay
Sandra Copley
Alex Craigie, Esq
Sharon Curry, Auxiliary Liaison
Sonja Cutner
Tricia Fahnoe
Thomas Garcia, Esq
Susan Miles Gulbransen
Susan Henry
Kristine Jacquin, PhD
Anna Kokotovic, Honorary Trustee
Adele Laufer
Ray Olmstead
Steve Powell
Joanne Rapp
Karynsue Rose-Thomas
Stephanie Sokolove

Advisory Board

Janean Acevedo-Daniels, Esq
Judy Bennett
Dan Bifano
Jeanette Carpenter
Joyce Dudley, Esq
Janet Garufis
Jane Honikman
Benjamin T. Ladinig, Esq
Steve Lyons
Jeff Martin
Edward J. McKinley
Joni Meisel
Thomas C. Parker
Adele Rosen
Maryan S. Schall, PhD
Harvey Wolf, Esq

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