Board of Trustees

Letter from the President

Dan Moll
Board President

I am honored to be elected as CALM’s newest president. For the past four years I have served on the CALM Board of Trustees, working on CALM’s Governance Committee and as Vice President of Administration for the past two years on the Executive Committee. I have been impressed with the thoughtfulness, dedication, and professionalism that CALM staff and CALM Board members bring to their work every day.

One of my goals for CALM is to educate the community about the immense caseload CALM is challenged with on a daily basis. The caseload numbers are staggering. Prior to joining CALM, I was unaware of the number of children affected, but I can assure you that at this very moment, somewhere in our county, there are children suffering from abuse, neglect, and trauma. Our county is no different from any other county in the nation, with the exception that we have the resources like CALM to do something about it.

CALM not only provides therapy to help children heal from trauma, we also wrap our arms around our families, supporting them with safety planning, accessing basic needs, and strengthening parenting in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Many parents do not have the support they need to do their best for their children.

We have big tasks ahead of us. Over the past five years, we have increased the number of children and families we serve through expanded services, and we still have waiting lists that are too long. We have begun to strategically develop an expanded infrastructure throughout the county to serve even more children who are seeking our help every day.

I look forward to partnering with you—our community, our donors, our supporters—to continue strengthening families in our county. Together we can change the trajectory of our children’s lives.

Board Members

Dan Moll
Board President

Bridget Foreman
Vice President

Sonja Cutner
Financial Vice President

Liam Murphy

Alana Walczak
Chief Executive Officer

Toni Schinnerer
Auxiliary President


Rosa Alvarado
Crystal Bedolla
Carrie Bissell
Nancy Bollay
Sandra Copley
Alex Craigie
Larry K. Durham
Tricia Fahnoe
Thomas Garcia, Esq
Susan Miles Gulbransen
Susan Henry
Sharon Hooper, Auxiliary Liaison
Kristine Jacquin, PhD
Anna Kokotovic, Honorary Trustee
Ray Olmstead
Caroline Powers
Steve Powell
Joanne Rapp
Stephanie Sokolove

Advisory Board

Janean Acevedo-Daniels, Esq
Steve Barrett, PhD
Judy Bennett
Dan Bifano
Kevin Bourke
Jeanette Carpenter
William Cirone
Joyce Dudley
Dianne Duva
Jane Honikman
Benjamin T. Ladinig
Steve Lyons
Jeff Martin
Joni Meisel
Thomas C. Parker
Adele Rosen
Maryan S. Schall, PhD
Harvey Wolf, Esq

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